Donning her Team USA water polo uniform, Ashleigh Johnson poses for a photo in the studio.

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Team USA athletes with questions about the Rule 40 permission process or athlete marketing in general should contact USOPC marketing at

Additionally, athletes may contact the Athlete Ombudsman:
Under the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, athletes have access to an Athlete Ombudsman to advise athletes of their rights, seek confidential advice, or assist in resolving disputes. Team USA athletes should contact the office of the athlete ombudsman for cost-free, confidential, independent advice regarding athlete rights or responsibilities related to marketing, questions related to participation in protected competition, or any other rule, policy, process or athlete agreement.
Phone: (719) 866-5000

Athlete personal sponsors should contact the USOPC commercial team with any questions at Personal sponsors with Rule 40 permission are invited, but not required, to submit proposed generic advertising and proposed athlete-focused advertising for review and comment for conformance with this guidance.

Additionally, the USOPC can assist in providing approval for use of a Team USA athlete’s image and/or likeness for advertising purposes outside of the U.S., or obtaining the approval of another NOC or NPC to use a non-Team USA athlete’s image for advertising purposes in the United States during the Rule 40 period.