Overview: The sport sustainability concept recognizes that Olympic and Paralympic sports need more flexibility to manage sport-specific expenses and generate revenue in a cost-effective manner. Often many of the current collegiate policies arise from management strategies related to football and basketball operations. Applying football and basketball policies to Olympic and Paralympic sports can be detrimental to campus-level operations and sport-wide growth. This concept seeks to modify current policies with sport-specific considerations in an effort to reduce operating costs and open up new avenues for resources and collaborative partnerships.

2021 focus: The USOPC Think Tank will begin the sport sustainability proposal building by focusing on recruiting policies. The pandemic has brought to light virtual tools that can aid in recruiting, which reduces staff travel, alleviates the costs of off-campus recruiting and allows for more staff time with current student-athletes. The USOPC Think Tank will also explore deregulating recruiting policies that may open resource opportunities through collaborations with local youth programming, regional training centers and national team partnerships. These collaborations and resources could directly benefit collegiate Olympic and Paralympic sport operating budgets.

Horizon: In the future, the USOPC Think Tank believes there are many areas where sport customization can yield more financially sustainable operations at the campus level (outside aid access, streamline competitive season, opponent flexibility, national team or professional sport support, etc.).



Rob Mullens Oregon headshot

Rob Mullens
University of Oregon
Athletic Director

Chris Plonsky Texas headshot

Chris Plonsky
University of Texas
Chief of Staff/Exec. Senior Associate AD

Lee Reed Georgetown athletic director

Lee Reed
Georgetown University
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Daria Schneider Team USA Harvard

Daria Schneider
Harvard University
Fencing Coach and Former National Team Member (Fencing)

Stan Wilcox NCAA headshot

Stan Wilcox
Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Jeremy Fischer USATF Coach

Jeremy Fischer
USA Track & Field
National Team Coach

Jamie Pollard Iowa State headshot

Jamie Pollard
Iowa State University
Director of Athletics

Pat Kelleher USA Hockey headshot

Pat Kelleher
USA Hockey
Executive Director

Maddie Musselman UCLA water polo headshot

Maddie Musselman
Olympian (Water Polo)

Jamie Redman headshot

Jamie Redman
Yale University
Former National Team Member (Rowing)

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