Explore Archery is an innovative education program focused on introducing beginners of all ages and abilities to the lifelong sport of archery.

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About Explore Archery

Explore Archery offers a variety of fun program options for archers of any age or ability wanting to get involved in the sport of target archery.

Find an Explore Archery Program

If you are new to the sport of archery or a beginner archer looking for an introductory program to sign up for, Explore Archery has what you need to get started!

Start a Program

Starting an Explore Archery Program can be completed in five easy steps!

The Curriculum

The Explore Archery Instructor’s guide gives archery instructors all the tools needed to develop a successful archery program! 

Achievement Awards

In Explore Archery, students earn achievement awards through active participation in individual and team-building activities.

Program Resources

USA Archery provides many program resources including activity copy pages, range development guides, grant opportunities and marketing resources.

For more information or inquires, please contact our Membership Services Manager
at clubs@usarchery.org or (719) 866-4621.