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2020 Giving Games

By Phil Hampel | July 24, 2020, 5:19 p.m. (ET)


Giving Games


Dear USA Karatefriends and family --

Let the Giving Games begin!

As you know, the postponement of the Tokyo Games has been devastating to many U.S. athletes and para-athletes. But theGiving Games,which launched today, brings individual U.S. sports together and asks fellow Americans to support and sustain our athletes’ para-athletes' journeys to the 2021 Games.

Unlike most of our competing nations, U.S. athletes and para-athletes, and the sports organizations that support them, do not receive government funding. Therefore, these athletes are required to self-support through individual donations, sponsorships, memberships and event revenues.

Between today and August 9 (the original dates of the Tokyo 2020Games), USA Karateis conducting a direct fundraising campaign, asking for your support to fund our athletes and our mission to support world class Karate personnel of the highest caliber and of the highest integrity.

The USA Karate has within its ranks some of the finest Karate athletes in the world. The organization has within its technical, administrative, referee, medical and athlete corps an impressive group of competent, internationally certified, world class Karate persons, dedicated to perpetuating Karate-do. But we need YOUR HELP!
Sakura Kokumai 
"Never never NEVER give up. There will be times where you just want to give up, but hard work always pays off. Just stay focused, surround yourself with good people and the result will naturally come to you."
We need your help to spread the word and raise funds during this critical time. Please visit our website to make your gift now at: 

In the spirit of competition, we will award a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal to our top three cumulative donors at the end of the Giving Games!The donations you make through our website come directly to USA Karate and your gift, no matter how large or small, will make a huge difference for our athletes!

We need your help to spread the word – please post on social media about your support, share and engage with our posts, and share the Giving Games donation links with YOUR friends and family – let them know WHY our athletes need everyone’s help TODAY.

Check out more information at 
www.givinggames2020.com for other opportunities to give to our national team athletes sports-wide.

Go USA Karate!


Phil Hampel
Chief Executive Officer
USA National Karate-do Federaion