The International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee establish a limited quota of “E” (press) accreditations for the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games, which the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee distributes to U.S. media outlets. The USOPC and a committee composed of Associated Press sports editors, along with representatives of magazines, newspapers, websites and photographers determine press allocations. 

The accreditation process for non-rights holding broadcasters is managed directly by the IOC and IPC. Further details on this process can be found the IOC and IPC websites.

Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022
The deadline to request media accreditation for Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 has expired. To submit a late request, please email

The Olympic and Paralympic media accreditation process is open to:
• Daily or weekly newspapers
• National news or sports magazines
• Web-based organizations with staff members providing original content
• Photographic media organizations with wide-ranging magazine, newspaper and web-based clientele

The USOPC received a very limited number of accreditations from the IOC and IPC for allocation to U.S. media outlets.

Non-Rights Holding Broadcasters:
All non-rights holding broadcasters will be accredited directly by the IOC and IPC.