Sport: Sailing
Height: 5-5 
Weight: 121 lbs 
Date of Birth: Feb. 8, 1994   
Hometown: Belleair, Fla.
Current Residence: Belleair, Fla.
High School: Palm Harbor University High School IB (2012)      

Margot Samson first started windsurfing two years ago when her father introduced her to the sport, and she has been on a fast track ever since. Her competitive spirit, hard work and determination have propelled her from being a novice to a competitive player on the youth windsurfing circuit. Samson has pushed herself to be on par with her competitors in a short amount of time: She trains on the water three times a week with her team, practicing necessary skills such as transitioning, tacking and gybing and boat speed.

Succeeding at windsurfing takes more than just drills: It requires strong core strength and balance, as well as athleticism and agility, and Samson recognizes what it takes to be at the top of the game. She hits the gym six days a week for physical training sessions to improve her fitness. Two years ago, she struggled to do one push-up, but according to her coach, Britt Viehman, “now she just cranks them out.”

Samson describes herself as being level-headed and analytical – on and off the water. She often asks her coach, “how does that work?” in order to fully understand the mechanics of the board, the techniques and the sport. She stays cool and collected, even when she’s competing at events that carry enormous pressure, like the qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games.  

In the fall, Samson will enter her junior year at Palm Harbor University High School. She was on the Dean’s List in 2009 and nominated to the National Young Leaders Society in 2010. She also received an Excellent Award at the 2010 Florida Thespian Festival. Samson is also a talented writer who pens columns for a national windsurfing magazine. She knows what it takes to balance windsurfing with school and is on the right track for success.

Qualifying to represent the Unites States at the Youth Olympic Games is by far, her greatest achievement in her athletic career, and she hopes it will be the first step in her Olympic aspirations.