U.S. Paralympics Track & Field

Chelsea McClammer (left), Tatyana McFadden (center), and Amanda McGrory (right) celebrate a U.S. sweep at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Records & Rankings

Current American, Americas and world records for men's and women's events are available in the forms below:

If a World Para Athletics (WPA) record is set, all forms and supplemental documentation must be submitted to Sherrice Fox at USParaTFInfo@usopc.org within 24 hours of the record.

U.S. Rankings
U.S. Paralympics has developed U.S. athlete ranking lists based on validated performances. These ranking lists reflect marks accomplished at any track and field competition. Some of the competitions included are not World Para Athletics approved and therefore are not eligible for world rankings, records, nor world championships, Parapan American Games or Paralympic Games team selection/qualification. However, these ranking lists provide athletes with an idea of how they rank within the U.S. and what it takes to become an elite level U.S. Paralympics Track & Field athlete.

If there is a result missing that should be included in the ranking list, please complete the Proof of Performance Form

World Para Athletics World Rankings

2019 Men's and Women's Rankings (as of 9/27/2019)

2018 Men's and Women's Ranking - to be updated soon

2017 Men's track rankings

2017 Men's field rankings

2017 Women's track rankings

2017 Women's field rankings

2016 Men's track rankings

2016 Men's field rankings

2016 Women's track rankings

2016 Women's field rankings

2015 Men's track rankings

2015 Men's field rankings

2015 Women's track rankings

2015 Women's field rankings

2014 Men's track rankings

2014 Men's field rankings

2014 Women's track rankings

2014 Women's field rankings

2013 Men's track rankings

2013 Men's field rankings

2013 Women's track rankings

2013 Women's field rankings

2012 Men's track rankings 

2012 Men's field rankings 

2012 Women's track rankings 

2012 Women's field rankings

2011 Men's final rankings

2011 Women's final rankings

2010 Men's final rankings

2010 Women's final rankings