U.S. Paralympics Swimming

Pictured is the U.S. Olympic Training Center Olympic pathway and Ted Stevens Sports Services Center.
Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center

Train at the OTC

There are a variety of opportunities for swimmers to train at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The link below will allow you to submit your interest to…

Stop in for a training session (Day use)
Saturday practices are open to visiting swimmers with advanced notice.  This opportunity is available for swimmers at any competitive level.  Please check in advance to be sure we are having practice and at our normal 7:00 – 9:00AM time. Swimmers at the emerging level and above may stop in for day use as well and generally at any time. 

Fill out the form linked here for consideration.

Come in for a short term visit
A short term visit is any stay from multiple days up to 2 weeks. Typically these visits are primarily used by national team members to meet with service providers, complete testing, or are an add on to a visit for another reason like a camp or competition. Short term visits may be available to emerging level athletes and above.

Fill out the form linked here and we will evaluate your need. 

Schedule an extended stay
An extended stay is 2 weeks up to a number of months. These visits are typically used to benefit from altitude training, complete longer term work with service providers. or to bridge gaps in home training. Extended stay opportunities are typically only available to National Team athletes.

You may apply for extended stays at any time with the form linked. 

Become a resident in training
Residents move to Colorado Springs typically for 1 or more years. Residents may live on or off campus and are fully engaged with the resident team. Resident slots are typically reserved for National Team level athletes. There are typically application periods for the resident program, but feel free to use this application at any time to register your interest. We will contact you regardless.

Fill out the form linked here to register your interest in becoming a resident in training.