U.S. Paralympics Swimming

Tharon Drake competes at the 2015 World Championships.

Contact Us 

Erin Popovich - Associate Director Sport Operations, U.S. Paralympics Swimming - National Team Contact
E: erin.popovich@usopc.org
P: 719-866-2084

Peggy Ewald - Coach, U.S. Paralympics Swimming - Emerging Standards Contact
E: ewaldparaswim@gmail.com
P: 330-903-0566 (Please observe EST when communicating with Coach Ewald)

Nathan Manley - Resident Coach, U.S. Paralympics Swimming
E: nathan.manley@usopc.org
P: 719-866-4058

Classification/IPC License Inquiries
Kyle Knott - Classification Manager, USOPC
E: Kyle.Knott@usopc.org
P: 719-866-4240

General Inquiries
E: USPara.SwimInfo@usopc.org

Media Inquiries
Annemarie Blanco - Press Officer
E: annemarie.blanco@usopc.org