Meet the USOPC Think Tank Members

Co-chaired by University of Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin and USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland, the USOPC College Sports Sustainability Think Tank pulled leaders and athletes from across the collegiate and national team landscapes to explore efficiencies in the areas of sport economics, partnerships and regulations. The USOPC is grateful for the USOPC Think Tank members and experts who dedicated their time and insights to the effort.
Scott Stricklin Florida headshot

Scott Stricklin, Co-Chair
University of Florida
Director of Athletics

Sarah Hirshland USOPC CEO headshot

Sarah Hirshland, Co-Chair
Chief Executive Officer

sport sustainability working group

  • Jeremy Fischer, USA Track & Field national team coach
  • Pat Kelleher, USA Hockey executive director 
  • Rob Mullens, University of Oregon athletic director
  • *Maddie Musselman, University of California, Los Angeles; Olympian (water polo)
  • Chris Plonsky, University of Texas chief of staff and executive senior associate athletics director
  • Jamie Pollard, Iowa State University director of athletics 
  • *Jamie Redman, Yale University; former national team athlete (rowing)
  • Lee Reed, Georgetown University director of intercollegiate athletics
  • *Daria Schneider, Harvard University head fencing coach and former national team athlete (fencing)
  • Stan Wilcox, NCAA executive vice president of regulatory affairs 
*athlete representative

Sport Structure Working Group

  • Rich Bender, USA Wrestling executive director and USOPC board member
  • Jennifer Fraser, NCAA director of Division I governance
  • Robin Harris, Ivy League executive director 
  • Martin Jarmond, University of California, Los Angeles, director of athletics
  • Joe Karlgaard, Rice University director of athletics, recreation & lifetime fitness
  • Adam Krikorian, USA Water Polo women’s senior national team head coach  
  • Gene Smith, The Ohio State University senior vice president and athletic director
  • *Kendall Spencer, University of New Mexico; national team athlete (track and field)
  • *Kyle Snyder, The Ohio State University; Olympian (wrestling)
  • *Stephanie Wheeler, University of Illinois women's wheelchair basketball coach and Paralympian (wheelchair basketball)
*athlete representative

Vertical partnerships working group

Championship Partnerships 
  • Ray Anderson, Arizona State University vice president for university athletics 
  • Don Bruce, Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee professor and faculty athletics representative 
  • Bubba Cunningham, University of North Carolina director of athletics
  • *Lauren Crandall, Wake Forest University; Olympian (field hockey)
  • Brett Gorman, USRowing director of coaching education and national team coach 
  • Jim Knowlton, University of California, Berkeley, director of athletics
  • Erin McDermott, Harvard University director of athletics
  • Kathleen McNeely, NCAA senior vice president of administration and CFO
  • *Sho Nakamori, Stanford University; former national team athlete (gymnastics)

Content Sharing

  • Val Ackerman, BIG EAST Conference commissioner
  • Sandy Barbour, Pennsylvania State University vice president for intercollegiate athletics
  • Greg Byrne, University of Alabama director of athletics 
  • Sean Frazier, Northern Illinois University associate vice president and director of athletics
  • *Jessica Heims, University of Northern Iowa; Paralympian (track and field)
  • *Chaunte Lowe, Georgia Tech; Olympian (track and field)
  • Caroline Rebello, Evolution Media capital managing director
  • *Sierra Schmidt, University of Michigan; national team athlete (swimming)
  • Max Siegel, USA Track & Field CEO
*athlete representative

Paralympic Inclusion Working Group

  • Sandy Barbour, Pennsylvania State University vice president for intercollegiate athletics
  • Greg Byrne, University of Alabama director of athletics
  • Tiffini Grimes, University of Alabama senior deputy athletics director
  • Rocky Harris, USA Triathlon CEO
  • *Jessica Heims, University of Northern Iowa; Paralympian (track and field)
  • Zak Ivkovic, CUNY Athletic Conference executive director
  • *Stephanie Wheeler, University of Illinois women's wheelchair basketball coach and Paralympian (wheelchair basketball)
  • Amy Wilson, NCAA managing director of inclusion
  • *Justin Zook, St. Catherine University head coach and Paralympian (swimming)
*athlete representative


  • Rick Adams, USOPC
  • Blake Barlow, University of Texas/National Association for Athletics Compliance
  • Marlene Bjornsrud, Consultant
  • Matt Boyer/Byron Hatch/William King, Southeastern Conference
  • Greg Brown, Consultant/Former Learfield IMG College
  • Bob Burda, Big 12 Conference
  • Katie Bynum, USOPC
  • Joni Comstock, NCAA
  • Missy Conboy, University of Notre Dame
  • Ryan Craig, Duke University
  • Julie Dussliere, USOPC chief of Paralympic sport
  • Greg Earhart/Sam Barany, Collegiate Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America, Intercollegiate Coach Association Coalition
  • Kevin Endsley, WWE
  • Ellen Ferris, American Conference
  • David Flores/Jessica Presnall/Bob Burda, Big 12 Conference
  • Spencer Harris, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Sandy Hatfield Clubb, The PICTOR Group
  • Chad Hawley/Wendy Fallen, Big Ten Conference
  • Simon Hoskins, USA Field Hockey
  • Brad Hostetter/Matt Burgemeister, Atlantic Coast Conference and Collegiate Commissioners Association Compliance Administrators
  • Leah Kareti/Shana Levine, 3Fold Group
  • William King, Southeastern Conference
  • Gina Lehe, NCAA
  • Danette Leighton, Pac-12 Conference
  • Chris Merino, Pac-12 Conference
  • Dave Mingey, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Properties
  • Tom Mitchell, Purdue University
  • Jessica Pare, University of Alabama
  • Lisa Peterson, University of Oregon
  • Miriam Segar, Louisiana State University
  • Jimmy Stanton, University of Oregon