Replacement Card

For lost/stolen Wrestling Leader (coach) membership cards:

USA Wrestling issues only one card for coaches, the Wrestling Leader card. There are two (2) versions of this card:

1. Hard plastic membership card: $10 and can be purchased online from your active membership profile. Takes 2-3 weeks for delivery. (Your account must be active to purchase the card.)

2. Online printed card: To print your membership card online, ensure your membership is active (requires a successful background check, SafeSport Certification (or refresher), and paid annual Wrestling Leader Membership fee (varies by states).  

To print your card online, check out this free video tutorial at You can now also add a photo to your profile and printed card. View the “Upload a Photo” video tutorial at

Note: The USA Wrestling membership year starts on September 1 annually. Your coach membership is valid from the date of purchase until Aug 31. You may often be able to renew your membership online 7 days prior to the Sept 1 start of the year.   

Your Wrestling Leader (coach) card will reflect the certification level that you have achieved by the first letter C - Copper, B - Bronze, S - Silver, G - Gold.

If you have any questions, please call us at 719-598-8181.