USA Wrestling Staff Directory

National Office
USA Wrestling
6155 Lehman Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: (719) 598-8181
Fax: (719) 598-9440
Annual Reports
Long Range Plan
Executive Director & Board

Rich Bender
Executive Director
President: Bruce Baumgartner
1st Vice President: Mark Reiland
2nd Vice President: Greg Strobel
Treasurer: Van Stokes
Secretary: Kerry McCoy
Board of Directors
Board Committees

USA Wrestling Staff by Department
Membership & State Services
      Les Gutches Associate Executive Director for Programs & Strategy ext. 662 Email
      Tony Black Director of State Services ext. 665 Email
      Derek Sikora Manager of State Services ext. 640
      Kevin Hansen Manager of Junior Olympic Programming ext. 683 Email
      Shonna Vest Customer Service Manager
ext. 664 Email
      Brenda Adams Customer Service Representative ext. 682 Email
      Mary Beth Powers Controller ext. 626 Email
      Sonja Johnson Manager of Finance ext. 625 Email
      Gary Abbott Director of Communications & Special Projects ext. 641 Email
      Taylor Miller Communications Manager ext. 642 Email
      Mike Willis Communications Coordinator ext. 643 Email
      Steve Fraser Chief of Donor and Alumni Relations ext. 633 Email
      Stephanie Jezwinski
Fundraising Coordinator ext. 685 Email
      Lorraine Rorabaugh Donor, Alumni Relations ext. 689 Email
      Ryan Johnson Director of Sales & Marketing ext. 692 Email
      Morgan Rabine
Sales & Marketing Coordinator ext. 644
      Pete Isais Director of National Events ext. 608 Email
      Christina Hargrove Events Coordinator ext. 601 Email
      Jon Mor Events Coordinator ext. 629 Email
      Rich Bender Executive Director   Email
      Haley Scherr Executive Assistant ext. 645 Email
      Karen Robinson Receptionist ext. 610 Email
      Meredith Wilson Director of Information Technology   Email
      Dave Mathews Application Developer   Email
National Teams
      Jaimie McNab National Teams Operations Manager ext. 606 Email
      Cody Bickley National Teams High Performance Manager ext. 647 Email
      Alyssa Orth
National Teams Coordinator ext. 686 Email
      Bill Zadick
National Freestyle Head Coach ext. 632 Email
      Kevin Jackson
National Freestyle Developmental Coach   Email
      Joe Russell
Manager of Freestyle Programs ext. 691 Email
      Matt Lindland National Greco-Roman Head Coach ext. 639 Email
      Mohammed Abdelfatah Greco-Roman Assistant Coach   Email
      Gary Mayabb
Manager of Greco-Roman Programs   Email
      Terry Steiner National Women's Freestyle Head Coach ext. 681 Email
      Clarissa Chun
National Women's Freestyle Asst. Coach   Email
      Jessica Medina National Women's Freestyle Asst. Coach   Email
      Chris Moen Video Production Manager
ext. 635 Email
      Mike Clayton Manager of Coaches Education ext. 631 Email
      Corey James National Teams Athletic Trainer   Email
      Shannon Daugherty
Elite Accelerator Program Coordinator ext. 687 Email