Welcome to USA Weightlifting's qualifying totals hub. Select an event from the menu to learn the qualifying totals for that competition. Below is a brief explanation of how qualifying totals work, and who is eligible to register for a USA Weightlifting national event.

Every athlete must post a total to qualify for a USA Weightlifting competition. That total must be posted within the qualification period specified for that event.

Take the hypothetical scenario in which the qualifying totals for the 2023 USA Weightlifting Fictional Competition are:

Men's 55kg bodyweight division: 200kg total

Men's 61kg bodyweight division: 210kg total

Taking the scenario above:

-An athlete can hit a 200kg total as a men's 55kg athlete (thus, qualifying for the Fictional Competition) and use that same result to register as a 61kg -- or any other bodyweight category -- for the Fictional Competition

-An athlete CANNOT hit a 200kg total as a men's 61kg athlete (missing the qualifying total for the 61kg class by 10kg) and use that total to register at 55kg (or any weight class) for the Fictional Competition

The rationale above is to be applied to all events listed in this hub.