Club Application Instructions

New Club Applications are processed via Webpoint. Please log in and in the Member Area, click Register a New Club

When submitting a New Club Application, please make sure that the Coach is a Club Coach. This is a different classification than a Sports Performance Coach, as the Club Coach has completed and passed a background check.  Background checks can be processed through your membership profile by logging in and, on the Main Menu, clicking on Coaching Certifications, then Background Checks. 

Please note that only the Club Director may add or remove Club Administrators. Please note that all club administrators will receive notifications for Club Transfers. 

Club memberships should be renewed prior to the expiration date to maintain their affiliated athletes. 


Change Delete Transfer Club Form Instructions

Club transfer requests are to be done via your membership page. Please log in, and under the Member Area, select Change Club Affiliation. 

If you are switching your Coach of Record, please contact, or change it through your Membership Profile on Webpoint


Coaching Course

We no longer accept paper applications for courses. Please log into Webpoint to create a Sanction request.

Request a Course Sanction


Sanction Event Requirements/Rules - UPDATED APRIL 2019!

USAW Official Scoresheet with Upload Sheet - PC (Excel Required)

USAW Official Scoresheet with Upload Sheet - Mac (Excel Required)

LWC Athlete Card - Revised 2019

How to Enter Meet Results in Webpoint

How to Upload Referee Registrations

We no longer accept paper applications for events. Please log into Webpoint to create a Sanction request. If you are not a member of USA Weightlifting, and have never signed into Webpoint (our membership system), please use the "Event Promoter" option on the left hand menu to create an account. 


Club-Athlete International Travel Authorization Form