USA Weightlifting Transitional Athlete Program

Quick facts:

  • 52% of USA Weightlifting international elite athletes have been transitional athletes
  • 67% of USA Weightlifting female Olympic medalists are transitional athletes


To provide a pathway for elite collegiate and/or high school athletes to transition into the sport of weightlifting after or during their participation in their primary sport.


To find and develop our next international elite athlete and/or Olympian


  1. Complete the athlete questionnaire below
  2. Set up interview call
  3. Connect with a coach for 1 week try out
  4. Try out
  5. Performance review

*Athlete Background:

Athletes that have a proven history of transitioning into weightlifting at the elite level have a background in the following sports

  • Gymnastics
  • Cheer
  • Acrobatics and Tumbling
    • Bases
  • Diving
  • Track and field
    • Throws
    • Pole vault
    • Hurdles
    • Short distance sprinters
  • Rugby


  • Soccer
    • Mid fielder
    • Goalies
  • Softball/Baseball
    • Centerfield
    • Short stop
    • Catcher
  • Hockey
    • Goalie
  • Football

*Athletes from other background are welcome to apply for the recruitment program.

Is there an age cap for who can apply?

Maximum age: 27

What type of athlete is USA Weightlifting looking for?

Weightlifting is a weight class sport, so athletes of all sizes will find a place to compete and fit in

Weight classes range from 99lb to +240lb

What are the program benefits?

After the try out is conducted athletes will receive a notification of benefit options to get started on the path to elite competition

Who should apply?

Athletes that have a strong desire to continue elite training after graduation. Athletes that have a passion for the Olympic movement and want to pursue the Olympic dream.

What is the time commitment for training?

15-20 hours per week

How should I get in touch with USA Weightlifting for more information or to set up a try out?

Email for more information

Athlete Recruitment Questionnaire

Submit an application HERE