*Course requests may only be submitted once every 2 weeks by an event organizer. Multiple requests will be declined. 

To download step by step instructions on how to complete the course sanction request form. 

  • Complete a Course Sanction Form (HERE) If you have never signed into Webpoint (our membership system), please use the "Event Promoter" option on the left hand menu to create an account. 

  • Once you sign in, using the left hand menu, select Event Sanctions, then Submit an Event.

  • Completed applications must be received by USA Weightlifting at least 8 weeks before the requested course dates. 

  • Courses must be spaced 2 weeks or 50 miles from each other. Please check the Course Calendar for conflicts before submitting your application.

  • Courses are required to have a minimum of 8 participants. 

  • Event organizers may submit one coaching course application request every two weeks. Multiple applications and applications received earlier than the two week spacing will be returned. 

  • Courses available for hosting are the Sports Performance Coach course and the Advanced Sports Performance Coach course. Other courses, including the Program Design course, are not offered on the local level and may not be requested on the Coaching Course Application Form.

  • Change requests to the final posted course (dates, site or participant capacity) are rarely granted and will incur a $50 administration fee. Change requests may include, but are not exclusive to, dates, locations, caps, coordinators.


  • Host facility must have a lecture/classroom area, plus an open area to safely accommodate all participants during the practical sessions.
  • For each participant, the host must provide:
    • Chair and table space (as well as tables and chairs) for the lectures and exam
    • One 1” diameter - 5' long wooden dowel or PVC pipe
    • Adequate floor space for the practical portion of the course
    • Estimate floor space using 3 participants per 100 square feet of open space
    • Facility Size – a 10’x 10’of open, flat and level floor space per every 4 participants (e.g., five 10’ x 10’ areas for 18 participants)
    • Equipment - For every three participants, the host must provide:
      • One Olympic-style weightlifting bar
      • One pair of light weight bumper plates (10lb or 5kg)
      • (additional bars and plates will give the participants a better experience)
      • Safety – Facility must meet all local fire safety standards.
        • An emergency medical and safety plan for instructors and participants should be on hand.
        • Agency Presence/Exclusivity - A representative of the host facility must be available throughout the course. No other events can be held in the same facility during the course, unless there is a clear delineation of venues and programs.


  • Once a course is fully processed by the National Office, a rebate of $70 per participant will be send to the Facility listed on the course. If you have not completed a W-9 for us, please download the W-9 form and submit to Sandy Bowen
  • Military and International courses may not be eligible for a rebate. 
  • The host may request an instructor. If you do not, one will be assigned by the National Office based on geographical proximity.
  • A course must have a minimum of 8 participants or the course will be cancelled.
    • Course Coordinators and Instructors will receive notification 1 week prior (Friday) to the course, if they have 7 or less participants and are in jeopardy of being cancelled.
    • It is the host’s responsibility to ensure that the minimum numbers are reached.
    • Walk-in registrations cannot be accepted.

*Highlighted items require specific acknowledgement of understanding on the Course Sanction Form.