USA Weightlifting has received many requests and suggestions from our Coaching membership asking to develop a Coaches General Liability Program. Well, you asked, and we listened!

The policy will provide coverage to protect insured USA Weightlifting certified instructors/coaches from third party claims of bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury due to alleged negligence arising from coaching or officiating activities.   The policy will cost $65 for $1,000,000 coverage for 1 calendar year (3/1/2021-3/1/2022). Any purchases made after February 1st, will be processed for the following year. 

To find out more information on this coverage being offered to you please click HERE

  • How do I purchase coach insurance?

1. Click HERE to log into your membership account on BARS.

2. Click View on the profile card

2. Under the left hand navigation menu in your membership profile, select Coaches Insurance

3. Click on Add Merchandise and select Coaches Insurance

Note: You do need to be a current member with a current coaching certification to purchase this insurance.