Name: Victoria Gillooly
Team: Team Florida Orlando
Coach: Tyrone Harvey
Hometown: Kissimmee, Fla.
Current Residence: Orlando, Fla.
Year of birth: 1994
Weight class: 63kg
Height: 5-3
What year did you being lifting? 2011
How did you get involved? In Florida, it is a high school sport so I was familiar with it and did it as a strength thing for cheer!
Favorite Competition Lift? It used to be clean and jerk, but now it is snatch!
Favorite Training Lift? Jerks
Education: Just graduated high school!
Personal Goals: To do better than last year at Junior Worlds this year and hopefully make it on a senior international team this year or next!
Favorite Food: Chinese food
Favorite Book: The Hunger Games
Favorite TV Show: Duck Dynasty
Favorite Song: Everything!!
Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: I cheered for nine years so I still love to tumble and bring back old memories!
Most people don't know that... I have played violin for about 10 years