Weight Class:   63 kg

 Height: 5'2

Birth year:   85

Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX

USA Weightlifting Club: Wesley

Coaches: Paul Fleschler

College Attending or Graduate of: University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

When did you begin weightlifting?  Summer 2007

How did you get involved?  I ran track in college and wanted to do weight training to help w/ explosive power.  Loved it and converted to weightlifting full time!

 Goals:  To get more young girls interested in weightlifting.

Best Competition Snatch: 83 kg 

Date: September 08

Best Competition Clean & Jerk: 100 kg

Date: November 08

Best Competition Total: 183 kg

Date: November 08

Favorite Competition Lift: Clean and Jerk

Favorite Training Lift: Jerk off blocks

 Best Squat:     145 kg

Best Front Squat:

Best Power Snatch Single:

 Power Clean Single:

American Records Held:

Most Influential person(s) in your sporting career: Loren and Deb McVey- they have helped me so much along the way in all aspects of my life, lifting and otherwise.  I appreciate them so much!

National Championships Won:

International Competition Best:  2008 World University Games: Snatch-3rd, Clean & Jerk 3rd, Total 3rd

Hobbies/Interests outside of weightlifting: Gymnastics! I have coached competitive gymnastics for 7 years and I love it!

Favorite Book(s): Redeeming Love

Favorite TV Show: Reality TV

Favorite Music Genre:  All types!!!

Favorite Food: Cheesecake and Gummy Bears!!!

Most People Don't know that…(complete the sentence): I have the most AMAZING dog in the world!!!