Name: Sylvia Hoffman

Team: LSU- Shreveport

Coach: Kyle Pierce

Hometown: Arlington, Texas

Current Residence: Shreveport, La.

Year of birth: 1989

Weight class: 69kg

Height: 5-8

What year did you being lifting? 2011

How did you get involved? After my eligibility ended for basketball, I decided to try something new. We had a former Olympian training in our gym, so figured why not try weightlifting?

Favorite Competition Lift? Clean & Jerk

Favorite Training Lift? Snatches from the knee

Education: BS in Computer Information Systems

Personal Goals: Achieve greatness 

Favorite Food: Almost any food I lay my eyes on!

Favorite Book: Goosebumps

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural

Favorite Song: “The Show” by Dougie Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew

Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: playing basketball/astronomy 

Most people don’t know that…. I taught myself how to play the piano