Name: Ryan Borges

Weight Class:   62 kg

 Height: 5 ft.

USA Weightlifting Club: Team Florida Gulf Coast

Coaches: Rich Lansky

College Attending or Graduate of:

When did you begin weightlifting?  2004

How did you get involved? Started working out at Gold’s Gym and one of the employees introduced me to Rich Lansky

 Goals:  Become an Olympian

Favorite Competition Lift: Both lifts are my favorite

Favorite Training Lift: Front squat, anything from the blocks or hang

 Most Influential person(s) in your sporting career: Rui Borges (Dad), Rich Lansky (Coach),  Jordan Borges (Brother) and Robert Murphy

Hobbies/Interests outside of weightlifting:  Hanging out with friends, swimming, playing video games, watching tv.

Favorite Book(s): To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

Favorite TV Show: King of Queens

Favorite Music Genre: Hard Rock

Favorite Food: Any kind of fish

Most People Don't know that…: My brother Jordan Borges has made every lift in competition for two years straight.