Name: Phillip Wilhelm


Coach: Coach CJ Del Balso & Kyle Pierce

Hometown: IRVINE, CA

Current Residence: Shreveport, Louisiana

Birth year: 1992

Weight class: 77

Height: 5'/6"

What year did you being lifting? 2008

How did you get involved? My Strength and Conditioning Coach, CJ Del Balso introduced me to the sport my freshman year while I was playing football for CVCS.

Favorite Competition Lift? The Snatch

Favorite Training Lift? The Back-Squat

Education: I am currently attending Louisiana State University of Shreveport.

Personal Goals: I hope to make it to Junior Worlds in 2012 and the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil 2016. This year at American Open or Junior Nationals in January, 2012 I hope to reach and surpass a 300 kg total.

Favorite Food: My Mom's Cooking, who doesn't?!

Favorite Book: Holy Bible

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Favorite song that gets you motivated: Everlasting God, Lincoln Brewster

Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: I enjoy trying new sports, and I love playing Racquetball with my buddies! Shaklee, Business, and Marketing are some of my favorite interests.  

Most people don’t know that….I am the Co-Owner of DOV3 Group LLC, a Marketing Firm based out of California.