Name: Olivia Reeves
Event(s): 2019 Pan American Championship Trials @ National Junior Championship, 2019 National Junior Championships
Weight Class: 64kg
DOB: 4/19/2003
Hometown: Hixson, TN
How did you get involved in the sport?

My mom owned a Crossfit gym; which I did for about 3 years until I realized I like lifting weights a lot better than CrossFit. Then I started training with my coach and did my first youth national realizing the kind of potential I had in the sport.

What is your favorite lift in competition?

My favorite lift is clean and jerk because it feels more stable than snatch

What is your greatest accomplishment/ achievement of your athletic career?
My greatest accomplishment would be holding American records in the 63kg weight class. As well as qualifying for 2019 Youth World Championships in Las Vegas.

Who have been your biggest supporters in your athletic career?
My biggest supporters are my family and my coach.
What is the best part about competing? 
The best part about competing is the rush if adrenaline when you re in the platform.