Name: Mack Brunson

Height: 5’ 3” and a half!!!

College currently attending or Graduated From (include year):  Lindenwood University 2nd semester sophomore

Major Area of Study: Exercise Science

Weight Class: 69kg

USA Weightlifting Club:  Unattached

Coaches: Jenna Bussard, Michael Cohen, and William Paul Roberts

What Year Did You Begin Weightlifting?  6 years ago freshman in high school I was 14? 2006???????

How Did You Get Involved?  I was lifting in my schools fitness room for my body sculpting class, we were doing snatches, but everyone was looking like cross fitters (no offense) then my friend, Donte Jones had on old school reebok weightlifting shoes and did a full snatch with 100kgs and I went to his gym after class and met Jenna Bussard and she taught me how to do a full snatch on the spot (never did one before and I had a sprained ankle but I didn’t tell her) then I was on my way to becoming  an Olympic weightlifter 

Athletic Goals: 

  1. Snatch and clean and jerk as much as my body physically and mentally can….
  2. To have a video on the internet of me weightlifting

Most Influential Person(s) in Your Sporting Career: William Paul Roberts, Laurent goyette demers, pat Mahoney, Michael Cohen, Jenna Bussard.

Hobbies/Interests Outside of Weightlifting:  Music creation

Favorite Book(s): bible, weightlifting books,

Favorite TV Show and/or Movie: cartoons

Favorite Music Genre: Rap, hip hop, all that has a good melody

Favorite Food: I’m a meat-a-tarian

Personal Goals: become the best Mack that I can be...

Most People Don't know that: Joe Dube told me to keep my squat up because it will be my ticket to the Olympic caliber, and tommy kono told me if I’m not striving for a PR at the meet that it  doesn’t matter regardless if I win or lose.