Name: Lindsey Valenzuela

Team: Phat Elvis

Coach: Bob Takano

Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.

Current Residence: Moorpark, Calif.

Year of birth: 1987

Weight class: 75kg

Height: 5-6

What year did you being lifting? 2002

How did you get involved? Supplementary strength training for volleyball

Favorite Competition Lift? Clean & Jerk

Favorite Training Lift? Split Jerk

Education: BS in Exercise Science/Sports Medicine from California Lutheran University, Masters in Exercise Science from Concordia University

Personal Goals: Always be better than yesterday

Favorite Food: Peanut butter and jelly, and bacon burger

Favorite Book: Too many to choose one

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire

Favorite Song: “Fix You” by Coldplay

Hobbies/Interested outside of weightlifting: Baking

Most people don’t know that…. I put ketchup on 75 percent of my meals