Name: Leslie Mayville
Team: Michigan Barbell 
Coach: Bo Sandoval, Debbie Hudson
Hometown: Rochester Hills, Mich.
Current Residence: Rochester Hills, Mich.
Year of birth: 1988
Weight class: 63
Height: 5-4
What year did you being lifting? 2011
How did you get involved? I was an intern for the University of Michigan Strength and Conditioning Program and quickly fell in love with the sport. 
Favorite Competition Lift? Clean & Jerk 
Favorite Training Lift? Snatch 
Education: Current physical therapy student 
Personal Goals: Push my own limits and be the best athlete/PT/person I can be 
Favorite Food: Pizza 
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory 
Favorite Song: “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison 
Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: Shopping! Water skiing, rowing and animals. 
Most people don’t know that…. I have a black lab named Blue.