Name: Kelly Rexroad Williams

Team: Coffee's Gym

Coach:  Zygmunt Smalcrez/ John Coffee / Caleb Williams (husband)

Hometown: Newnan, GA

Current Residence:  Atlanta,GA

Education: B.S. in Health/Physical Education and a B.S. in Exercise Health Science from Kennesaw State University

Birth year: 1978

Weight class: 48

Height: 5'0...with shoes on

What year did you being lifting? 1994 

How did you get involved? I cheered with Christy Byrd...Robin Byrd (Goad)'s sister and she asked me to work out with her and I never went away.

Favorite Competition Lift?  It depends on what body parts aren't hurting at the moment.

Favorite Training Lift? Split cleans off the blocks...they are so much fun!! Sadly I couldn't do a split clean from the floor if I tried.

Education: BS in Exercise and Health Science and BS in Health/PE Education from Kennesaw State University

Personal Goals: Be a great mom to my son.

Children's names: Rex Polly - 4 years old and can dead lift body weight :)
Favorite Food: Grilled Ribeye and a loaded baked potato!!!

Favorite Book: The Host and all the Harry Potter Books

Favorite TV Show: House Hunters International

Favorite song that gets you motivated:  depends on my mood. I like Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Gwen Stefani, Cypress Hill, and anything good from the 80's :)

Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: family time and anything outdoors.

Most people don’t know that….  I enjoy sewing, cooking and 9 hours of sleep a night!!! and I'm an avid recycler!! Did you know that the KFC in Korea recycles  inside the store?? Amazing!!