Name: Kate Wehr
Event(s): 2019 National Junior Championships, 2018 American Open Finals, Nike 2018 American Open Series 2
Weight Class: 55kg
DOB: 2/24/2000
Hometown: Kutztown, PA
Team/Club: Garage Strength
How did you get involved in the sport?
I was a wrestler on the team at my middle school and we went to Garage Strength as a team for strength training. Dane Miller, the owner and weightlifting coach pretty much told me I had to keep weightlifting, and since then I haven't stopped. 
What is your favorite lift in competition?
My favorite competition lift is the clean and jerk. 
What is your greatest accomplishment/ achievement of your athletic career?
My greatest accomplishment so far in my weightlifting career is breaking the 9 year standing youth 58kg snatch record in 2017, snatching 79kg. 
Who have been your biggest supporters in your athletic career?
Dane has definitely been one of my biggest supporters putting up with my moodiness some days and always pushing me to be better as well as my parents. 
What is the best part about competing?
The best part about competing is the rush of excitement, nervousness, anger, happiness, and literally every feeling there is coming to you all within the two hours of you competing, many of them at the same time. There is nothing like competing on the national and international stage. 
Any social media channels or anything else you want your fans to know about?
IG & Twitter: @k8_where