Name: Hutch Friend
Weight Class: 49kg
DOB: 3/6/2004
Hometown: Yigo, Guam
Team/Club: Team Divergent

How did you get involved in the sport?

I got involved in the sport when my iPod died at the gym. My parents refused to drive me home, so I had nothing to do. I decided to try weightlifting with my parents.

What is your favorite lift in competition?
My favorite lift in competition is the Clean and Jerk.
What is your greatest accomplishment/ achievement of your athletic career?
My greatest accomplishment has been winning 4 Youth National Championships. I currently hold 11 youth national records.
Who have been your biggest supporters in your athletic career?
My mother, who is also my coach, has been my biggest supporter besides God. God helps me every day to preform to the best of my abilities. In competition he helps me the most, showing me that I truly could not have done what I did in competition without his power. 
What is the best part about competing?
The best part about competing is setting new records and seeing how much God helps me in my life.
Any social media channels or anything else you want your fans to know about?
I do have an Instagram account, @hutchafriend.