Name: Gabe Dawson
Team: Wesley Weightlifters
Coach: Dennis Snethen
Hometown: Saint Joseph, Mo.
Current residence: Saint Joseph, Mo.
Year of birth: 1999
Weight class 56kg
Height: 5-5
What year did you begin lifting?: 2010
How did you get involved?: My school had an early morning weight program run by Jon Carr, so that is when I started getting interested
Favorite competition lift?: The snatch by far
Favorite Training lift?: Still snatches
Education: I’m currently still in middle school.
Personal Goals: To snatch 85 and clean 105 before March 2014
Favorite Food: Mac and cheese all day
Favorite Book: The Rangers Apprentice series (I’m reading them now)
Favorite TV show: Family Guy
Favorite song: “Paranoid” by Ty$
Hobbies/ Interested outside of weightlifting: I play basketball with my school and play all of the time.
Most people don't know that: If it wasn't for Dennis Snethen, I wouldn't even be close to the person I am today. He does everything for me; he treats me like his own son. I don't know what I'd do without him.