Name: Dana VanderLey

Team: United States Military Academy

Coach:  Dr. Bill Brechue

Hometown: Mobile, Ala.

Current Residence:  West Point, N.Y.

Year of birth: 1992

Weight class:  58 kg

Height: 5-3

What year did you being lifting? 2006

How did you get involved? My good friend and fellow lifter, Samantha Zimmerman, began training me, and I loved it

Favorite Competition Lift?  Clean & Jerk

Favorite Training Lift? Front squat

Education: U.S. Military Academy

Personal Goals: Place at University Nationals for my junior and senior year; graduate and become a 2nd lieutenant in the Army and fly helicopters

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Book: The Help

Favorite TV Show: Once Upon a Time

Favorite Song: “Staring at the Sun” by Jason Aldean

Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: I love going to the beach, reading mystery novels and driving my ’66 Mustang