Name: Angela Candage Parra

Team: Average Broz Gymnasium

Coach: John Broz

Hometown: Ormond Beach, Fla.

Current Residence: Las Vegas

Year of birth: 1987

Weight class: 58kg

Height: 5'2"

What year did you being lifting? I first began in 2004 but then had to take time off in 2006 due to injuries. I resumed lifting in 2014 once I left active duty. 

How did you get involved? I met Harvey Newton, my first coach and mentor, through longtime friend/fellow lifter Jason Brown. 

Favorite Competition Lift? Clean and jerk

Favorite Training Lift? Squat 

Education: I am a few classes away from my BA in transportation and logistics.

Personal Goals: To be the best wife, mother and athlete I can be. 

Favorite Food: Pizza and donuts

Favorite Book: "No Easy Day" by Matt Bissonnette/Kevin Maurer

Favorite TV Show: Real Housewives 

Hobbies/Interests Outside of Weightlifting: My husband and I love to spend our time together as a family and watch our 1-year-old son as he grows and develops.

Most people don’t know that… I am a passionate advocate for optic nerve hypoplasia and septo optic dysplasia awareness.