Team: Team Florida Altamonte

Coach:  Danny Camargo, Joe Maher

 Weight class: 48kg

 Height: 5’2’’

 What year did you being lifting? 2008

 How did you get involved? I was introduced to it with high school weightlifting, then started Olympic lifting the summer after graduation for something to do and was hooked.

 Favorite Competition Lift?  Snatch

 Favorite Training Lift?  Power Jerks

 Education:  B.A. from Yale in May

 Personal Goals:  Short term, to live and work abroad for a few years; long term – who knows?  My goal is just to be faithful to the Lord and go where He takes me.

Favorite Food:  anything fresh, but I have a soft spot for sweet potatoes and corn bread

Favorite Book: the Bible, Piège pour Cendrillon, the Divine Comedy

Favorite TV Show: I don’t really watch TV

Favorite song that gets you motivated:  anything by Jay-Z or The Devil Wears Prada

Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: singing, hip hop dancing, cooking

Most people don’t know that….I can play 7 different instruments