Name: Abby Raymond
Weight Class: 59kg
DOB: 8/25/2003
Hometown: Roselle, IL
Team/Club: Windy City WLC

How did you get involved in the sport?

I started as a gymnast and stopped while training Level 7. I then got into soccer and while watching American Ninja Warrior became interested in CrossFit. I did CrossFit for a year and became solely interested in Olympic weightlifting at that point. I’ve been doing it for over 3.5 years now! 

What is your favorite lift in competition?

My favorite lift in competition is clean and jerk at the moment, I feel most confident in that lift, but I like training snatch. 

What is your greatest accomplishment/ achievement of your athletic career?

My greatest accomplishment so far is making the 2019 Junior World team as a youth athlete! I’m so excited for what the future has to bring! 

Who have been your biggest supporters in your athletic career?

My biggest supporters have been my family and close friends, my church small group and leaders, and my gym family and coaches :) 

What is the best part about competing?

The best thing about competing is the feeling I get when I hit a big lift onstage! I love the rush of excitement and feeling of pure happiness while holding it above head waiting for the down signal. 

Any social media channels or anything else you want your fans to know about?

My Instagram is @acr_0825 

Everything I’ve done in this sport so far and the things I will do in the future are only possible because of my faith. As a Christian, I truly believe that God has great plans for me!