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Every four years the world’s top summer athletes come together to compete at the pinnacle of sport, the Olympic Games.  This gathering represents not only sport, but that of culture, fair-play and international relationships.  The Olympic Games are a very exciting time to celebrate as our sport of Olympic Weightlifting takes center stage on the world’s biggest stage for all to see. 

In 2017 the USOC will MATCH every donation received up to $25,000!

Our Weightlifters need your help!

Putting our athletes on the podium at the Olympic Games takes dedicated individuals, superb coaching and a world-class support system.  With a majority of countries fielding teams supported by their government, members of Team USA are placed at a disadvantage since our athletes receive ZERO funding from the federal government.  While other higher profile American athletes may sign endorsement contracts, no such opportunity is yet available to the athletes of USA Weightlifting.  Our athletes rely on the support of a committed base of individuals who have a passion for our sport and athletes.

Your support for the athletes of USA Weightlifting will help to fulfill the dreams of weightlifters across the country and keep them training in this quadrennial as well as the next.

 Our athletes need to have access to quality facilities, the best coaching, year round training and international competition opportunities in their pursuit of Olympic excellence. To meet those needs, USA Weightlifting is working hard to obtain and direct the resources that will assure a place on the podium at the Olympic Games.  Your support can help the athletes of USA Weightlifting raise up the stars and stripes for Team USA and give the athletes the push they need to get over the top and bring home medals!

USA Weightlifting operates as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and supports its mission by providing resources necessary to achieve excellence.  Your contributions to USA Weightlifting are tax-deductible.

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