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Kendrick Farris Has Strong Showing at Third Olympic Games

By Kevin Farley | Aug. 13, 2016, 4:31 p.m. (ET)

Team USA's Kendrick Farris had a strong showing at his third Olympic Games, finishing 11th overall in the Men's 94kg weightlifting competition in Rio de Janeiro Saturday.

Farris, 30, came out strong with a successful 160kg snatch. He missed his 2nd and 3rd snatch attempts both at 165kg.

Attempt  1 2 3
Snatch 160kg 165kg 165kg
Clean & Jerk 197kg 201kg 205kg 
Total Weight: 357kg

In the clean and jerk, the Shreveport, Louisiana native made his first attempt at 197kg. His second and third attempts, at 201kg and 205kg, respectively, were not successful. 

"I think it went okay. I was excited to get out there and represent," Farris told USA Weightlifting. "It's very tough to even total in a competition so I'm happy I got the total. Obviously, I would have liked to make more lifts. The way my training went I felt like I could have had a better performance, but I would not change anything because everything happens the way it's supposed to."

Farris finished third in the Men's 94kg B session with a total of 357kg: 160kg in the snatch and 197kg in the clean & jerk.

"My spirits are still high, that's just how I am," Farris said. "If I had made all of my lifts I would feel the same way I feel right now. I'm just thankful to be right here at this very moment. I've been through a lot just to get here so I'm excited."

Farris said the energy at the venue, Riocentro, was electrifying.

"It was amazing," Farris said. "The people that came out to support, they were cheering loud for every lifter that came out on the platform. I tried to use that. Having missed some warm-up attempts in the back I was very excited to get a total and just feel the energy of the crowd and I wanted to make sure I was giving them the proper energy back." 

Farris finished 8th at his first Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing. He followed up with a 10th place finish 4 years later at the Games in London. Farris moved up to the 94kg category for these Games. 

He's not ruling out trying to qualify for a 4th Olympic Games.

"I have no plans on retiring." Farris said. "I'll be training, probably tomorrow. More than likely I'll be back in the gym. I have no plans to stop lifting. We will see but most definitely I am planning to train so I don't have any plans to stop."