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International Media Focuses on Farris

By Kevin Farley | Aug. 11, 2016, 6:50 p.m. (ET)

Around the Olympic Village in Rio, Team USA's Kendrick Farris is turning heads. Not only for his sheer strength, but how he fuels his Olympic dream.

Farris is a vegan. He consumes no meat or products that are derived from animals. That means no cheese, no yogurt and certainly no steak.

"When I first told my wife, she laughed at me because she didn't think I was serious," Farris told his hometown TV station KTBS-TV. "I'm not eating any more of this, that and the third and I've just been sticking to it ever since."

NBC video feature on Kendrick Farris' Diet

Farris turned vegan after the birth of his son in September 2014. Farris said that something clicked in his brain at that moment.

"Something happened where I was like I'm just seeing the whole thing. So I'm like I need to do something different," Farris told KTBS

Farris choice to be a vegan has the attention of the media from around the world. This week in Rio he's had interviews with Men's Fitness, the Canadian Broadasting Corporation, Sports Illustrated and reporters from Brazil.

Farris competes Saturday in his third Olympic Games. You can get his competition times and LIVE stream links here on
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