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Frank Spellman Reflects on Olympic Legacy

Aug. 01, 2016, 6:47 p.m. (ET)

(Video: York Daily Record)

It's been 68 years since Frank Spellman stepped atop the podium at the Games of the XVII Olympiad in 1948 in London. 

"You ever have a day where nothing can go wrong?," Spellman told the York Daily Record. "That was my day at the Olympics."

At 93, Spellman is the oldest living U.S. Weightlifting Olympic champion. He delivered an American victory in the first Olympic Games after World War II; 12 years after the Berlin Games of 1936. 

Prior writing his name in the Olympic history books, Spellman served in the United States Army in Europe. Training wasn't easy.

"As the ship was rolling, it would go to the right then come back to the middle, which is when you'd perform the lift, and then it would go to the left," Spellman told the York Daily Record.

Spellman's story is fascinating, read more about it at the York Daily Record.

Spellman's Legacy:

1948 - 75kg – Gold

1946 - 75kg – Bronze
1947 - 75kg – Silver

1946 - 75kg - Gold
1948 - 75kg - Gold
1961 - 75kg - Gold