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Change in Procedures - Read Carefully!

Beginning with the 2022 Division 2 Show Ski National Championships, the National Show Ski Association will be collecting team entry as well as a substantial portion of the team competition paperwork via online submission form. We know this is a significant change, so please read this information carefully and follow all of the instructions. Paperwork submission will be posted by June 1. Entry info can be found below.

Tournament/Event Name:
Division 2 Show Ski National Championships

2022 Tournament Dates:
August 6-7, 2022

Sanction Number:

Location (Site/City/State):
Ben Williamson Park, Rock Island, Illinois

Tournament Class:
Class A

Club/Event Organizer:
Backwater Gamblers

Entry Requirements and Mandatory Meeting

TEAM - Competing teams shall be responsible for meeting all entry requirements per NSSA Rule 6.04, Entry Requirements & Tournament Paperwork. Download NSSA RulebookEach team must send a representative to the mandatory meetings, and check-in at the trailer on site like usual at the following times:

Teams Mandatory MeetingFriday, Aug. 5, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

INDIVIDUALS - Competing teams shall be responsible for meeting all entry requirements per NSSA Rule 5.01 General Qualifications - For Individual and Show Acts competitors that have entered a tournament by the entry deadline the following entry requirements must also be met. * D2 National Tournament entry deadline is July 15 of the current year to be in the rotation for that year. (See Chapters 5 & 6 of the NSSA Policies and Procedures for more info on Nationals tournaments entry) Also, at Regional and National tournaments a competitor in Swivel, Doubles and Freestyle Jump must be a USA citizen. Download NSSA Rulebook .

Individuals Mandatory Meeting Before each event as determined by Chief Safety

Tournament and Technical Contacts

D2 Tournament Contact: Kevin Hayes

               requirements, instructions/procedures, deadlines, meetings, rules, site, etc.

D2 Technical Contact: Brad Satterlee 

               online submission form, file downloads, PDF issues, etc.

Online Team Entry

2022 D2 Nationals Team Online Entry Form

Online Individual Entry

2022 D2 Nationals Individual Online Entry Form

Team Paperwork Checklist and Submission Requirements

Online paperwork submission deadline: 11:59 p.m. (CDT) Tuesday, Aug.2

ITEMS #1 through #7 below MUST be submitted via online form. PDFs preferred.

ITEMS #8 through #12 must be brought with you in hard copy form to your mandatory meeting.

  1. Team Tournament Roster (name, USA-WSWS member info, team duty, address, DOB and email for each member)
  2. USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Team Roster (name, membership number, SafeSport status and renewal date for each member)
    • obtain through your team/club login on the USA-WSWS website
    • must match #1, and will be verified
  3. Team Officials Roster from USA Water Ski & Wake Sports highlighting the following:
    • NSSA Safety Coordinator
    • Tournament Drivers
    • Show Directors SafeSport Certification (with background check)
  4. 2-NSSADriversFormTournament.pdf (SCR 1.08)
  5. 3-TowboatLiabilityNSSA.pdf (NSSA Version)
    • Can combine with #6 in same PDF(s)
  6. Certificates of Insurance (COI) or copies of the Declaration Pages to the boat policies
    • Proper for certificate holder and additional insured as noted on #6 form
    • Make sure COI and endorsement for each boat are organized accordingly and in order by motorized craft
      • Tow 1 COI, Tow 1 Endorsement, Tow 2 COI, Tow 2 Endorsement, PUB1 COI, PUB1 Endorsement, etc.
    • Can combine with #5 in same PDF(s)
  7. 4-WirelessMicAndClubRadioFrequencies.pdf (SCR 9.09)
  8. New form for Judges, Act Reasoning, & Safety Director Tracking Report JotForm PDF filler for 3 forms
    • Fill out form.  Save to you computer and print.
    • Should still print the necessary number of copies for each form and bring to mandatory meeting.
      • 15 copies of Judges Form and Act Reasoning Form
      • 1 copy of NSSA Safety Director's Tracking Report
  9. 5-MaleAndFemaleSkierNominations2022.pdf (8 copies)
  10. 6-Webcast_Production_Form_Team.pdf (3 copies)
  11. 7-ClubFactSheet.pdf (2 copies)
  12. 8-NSSAMusicPlayList.pdf (1 copy)

Individual Paperwork Checklist and Submission Requirements

Online paperwork submission deadline: 11:59 p.m. (CDT) Tuesday, Aug.2

Documents #1 through #5 below MUST be submitted via online form #6 if necessary.  PDFs preferred.
  1. Copy of Boat Drivers USA-WSWS Officials card or USA-WSWS officials roster (highlighted for team jump)(not needed for Freestyle)
  2. Copy of Pin Persons USA-WSWS card(s) or USA-WSWS roster with pin person(s) (highlighted for team jump)(not needed for Freestyle)
  3. 9-Webcast_Announcer_Information_Sheet_Individual.pdf
  4. 10-TeamJumpRoster.pdf
  5. Pass List - fill out pass list via form link below. Save to you computer and upload to nationals online form for paperwork submission

Swivel Pass List

Doubles Pass List

6. If you are using a personal boat or a boat that is not listed with a team in the competition at your tournament you will also need to submit a USAWS-WS NSSA version Towboat Liability form with a COI with at least $500,000 liability and the appropriate additional insured wordage.

3-TowboatLiabilityNSSA.pdf (NSSA Version)

Working with PDFs

PDF files are preferred for the required team competition paperwork upload.

Do not complete PDFs in a web browser. Download PDFs to your computer, open with Adobe Reader or full version of Acrobat if you have it, and then complete the form. Remember to save it!

By default, some computers and tablets are set to automatically open PDFs in a web browser. If this is the case, right click on the PDF file and choose the "open with..." option to open in Acrobat Reader, Adobe Reader, or Acrobat.

Post Tournament Paperwork

All competing teams are to receive copies of their own Judges Forms and copies of all Scorers Forms. All Judges and Scorers forms are considered public information and shall be made available upon request. All requests for additional copies shall be made in writing, prior to the start of the tournament, to the Chief Scorer; and the requesting person shall pay for all copying and mailing expense, if any.

You must provide a USB (aka flash or thumb) drive if you would like your post tournament paperwork digitally. Please be sure to label your USB drive with your team name. Bring to Mandatory meeting when you turn in your final paperwork.

Your team will still receive copies of their written Judges Forms and their own Scorers Form.

Additional Information

Individual Music Submission - Due by 11:59 p.m. (CDT), Wednesday, Aug.3

2022 D2 Nationals Schedule of Events/Running Order (Revised 9:04 a.m. EDT, 08/03/2022)

2022 D2 Nationals Tournament Officials

To make sure everyone is clear on what Individual events will be held at the 2022 Division 2 Nationals, please note the list below. The entry deadline is July 15, 2022. This deadline must be met regardless of when regional qualifier tournaments are held.

Division 2 Nationals

Swivel Open National Championship Event

Swivel 360 National Championship Event

Swivel 180 National Championship Event

Swivel Pairs Open National Championship Event

Swivel Pairs 360 Exhibition Event

Doubles Open National Championship Event

Doubles Intermediate Exhibition Event

Freestyle Jump Open National Championship Event

Freestyle Jump Intermediate Exhibition Event

Team Jump National Championship Event