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Materials available for use by event organizers, to help implement the Safe Sport Policies and spread awareness of available Safe Sport resources and SafeSport training requirements.

USA-WSWS Safe Sport Pre-Event Checklist and Quality Control System for Event Organizers

  • Safe Sport Pre-Event Checklist - A summary of everything you need to know regarding Safe Sport compliance at your event
  • Safe Sport Quality Control System for Events (Coming Soon)

Safe Sport Posters

To be posted at the event:

MAAPP Awareness Poster - Participants will be able to scan this QR code to view the MAAPP and/or report a concern

MAAPP & Report a Concern Poster

Locker Rooms & Changing Areas Poster (If locker rooms and changing areas are not clearly indicated) - Most ski sites do not have locker rooms; these can be posted outside of public restrooms

Suggested each be posted at the event:

  1. One-On-One Interactions Poster
  2. Social Media & Electronic Communications Poster

Additional Communication to Participants

Event organizers are encouraged to email the following MAAPP requirements message and attachment to all competitors no earlier than 30 days prior to the start of the event:

  • Email Language
    • Attachment: MAAPP At-A-Glance - A simple breakdown of the MAAPP, scope and application, as well as important definitions

    Competition managers are encouraged to include the following reminder in all event collateral:

    Event Personnel are expected to adhere to SafeSport Training and Background Screen requirements laid out in the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Compliance Chart. All applicable participating Event Personnel are expected to be SafeSport Trained and (if applicable) Background Screened through the duration of the event. Event Personnel with training or screening expiration dates that fall on or during the event will NOT be compliant. Any Event Personnel found not to be in compliance of this policy may not be allowed to participate at the sanctioned event. All participants must adhere to the U.S. Center for SafeSport CodeUSA-WSWS Safe Sport Policy, and the Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policies. More information about these can be found here.

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