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Do you Know the MAAPPUSA Water Ski & Wake Sports continues to focus on programs to keep our athletes’ safe. As part of our continued commitment to safeguarding our athletes, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports has enacted enhancements to our Safe Sport policy and education requirements. These policies, referred to as the Minor Athlete and Participant Abuse Protection Policies and Guidelines (MAAPP), are a collection of proactive prevention and training policies for the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Movement. It has three primary components: an Education and Training Policy, Required Prevention Policies, and Recommended Prevention Policies. The Center developed the MAAPP to assist National Governing Bodies, Paralympic Sport Organizations, Local Affiliated Organizations, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and other individuals to whom these policies apply in meeting their obligations under federal law.

The MAAPP aims to help young athletes feel safe, supported, and strengthened by limiting one-on-one interactions between adults and children, requiring abuse prevention training for adults, and promoting environments in which misconduct is less likely to happen. The policy covers the following areas: one-on-one interactions, electronic communications, meetings and training sessions, locker room and changing areas, and local and team travel.

Here is an overview of key Required Prevention Policies that all members should be familiar with.

One-on-One Policy

All interactions between an unrelated adult and a minor athlete must be observable and at a distance allowing interruption by another adult. This policy applies to all situations, including training, medical and athletic modality treatments, office meetings, locker rooms, restrooms, social media, and travel.

Electronic Communication Policy

The one-on-one policy applies to all electronic and social media communications. Any communication with a minor should remain professional in nature and include a third party such as the minor’s guardian or other adult member of the club. Photographs or videos of minors may only be taken in public view, must observe generally accepted standards of decency, and must get parent consent before publicly sharing.

Meetings and Training Sessions

All individual training sessions, meetings, and medical treatments must comply with the one-on-one policy and be open and interruptible, with another adult physically present and in full sight. Additionally:

  • Consent must be provided by parents of minor athletes
  • Parents/guardians must be allowed to observe all interactions
  • Must ALWAYS have a second adult present during treatments
  • Any contact with genitalia is explicitly forbidden and must be reported to legal authorities and the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Locker Rooms and Changing Areas

The one-on-one policy always applies to locker rooms, changing areas, and restrooms. Additionally:

  • Adult Participants (coaches, judges, event staff, etc.) are not permitted to be alone with a minor athlete in a locker room or changing area. Exceptions will be made for emergency circumstances and for athletes who are close in age, adults that qualify as a dual relationship, and personal care assistants.
  • Recording of any kind is prohibited in locker rooms, rest rooms, changing areas or similar spaces. This includes voice recording, still cameras, and video recording.


An adult participant cannot transport a minor athlete one-on-one during any in program travel, unless there is provided written annual consent from the minor athlete’s parent. In-Program transportation requirements are met if the adult is accompanied by another adult or at least two minor athletes. Exceptions will be made for emergency circumstances and for athletes who are close in age, adults that qualify as a dual relationship, and personal care assistants.


An adult cannot share a hotel room or otherwise sleep in the same room with a minor athlete during in-program lodging. Exceptions apply for athletes who are close in age, adults that qualify as a dual relationship, and personal care assistants. Any adult traveling with a club/team overnight:

The full explanation of the Minor Athlete and Participant Abuse Protection Polices and Guidelines, as well as definitions and exceptions, can be found in the Safe Sport Handbook.

• To report sexual misconduct to the U.S. Center for SafeSport, please visit: or call 833-587-7233.  
• To report a violation of the MAAPP, please contact or 863-508-2093. 
• To report any other forms of misconduct to USA-WSWS, please contact Executive Director Nate Boudreaux at or 863-508-2095.