USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

United States Hydrofoil Association

Athletes of the Year History

Athletes of the Year

Year Female Male

2021 MJ Buckley Geno Yauchler

2020 None Selected None Selected

2019  Leah Stilwell  Jake Bradley

2018  MJ Buckley  Torey Narans

2017  MJ Green  Kyle Gardner

2016  MJ Green  Al Lewin

2015  Alison Goin  Shannon Pope

2014  None Selected  Torey Narans

2013 None Selected  Shannon Pope

2012  MJ Pohl  Tyler Narans

2011  MJ Pohl  Geno Yauchler

2010  MJ Pohl  Al Lewin

2009  MJ Pohl  Ben Ferney

2008  MJ Pohl Al Lewin

2007  MJ Pohl  Geno Yauchler

2006  MJ Pohl  Geno Yauchler

2005 MJ Pohl Geno Yauchler