Affiliated Dealership Listings


Benefits of Becoming an Affiliated Dealership

  • Authorized use of the “USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Affiliated Dealership” logo
  • Listing on
  • 25% discount on advertising in The Water Skier Magazine
  • Ability to sanction events through USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. 
    • Draw traffic to your dealership by sanctioning exhibitions, tournaments, and fun ski demo days
  • Access to free SafeSport certification for paid staff, volunteers, and club members.
  • Access to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports’ customized online screening system
  • Access to full-service USOPC criteria national background checks for paid staff, volunteers, and club members
  • For complete list of club benefits, click here
(Drives USA Water Ski & Wake Sports members to dealership) 
  • Once your dealership has one Trained Driver, we can send our members who have completed the online Trained Driver Course to your dealership to finish their practical evaluation

What do we need to do to become a USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Affiliated Dealership?