USA Water Ski & Wake Sports 2020-21 Board of Directors

To reach any member of the board of directors, please email and we will provide the appropriate contact information. 

* Non Voting 

Tim Cullen, *President 

Dale Stevens, *Vice President 

Doug Robbins, *Chair 

Nathan Boudreaux, *Executive Director 

Jim Grew, *Past President 

Andrew Adkison, USOC/AAC Representative 

Robert Rhyne, III, *Treasurer  

Robert Archambeau, Member of AWSA

Connie Bergmark, Member of AWSA 

Don Bucher, Member of AWSA 

Charlie Buckley, Member of USHA 

Ed Hickey, *USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation 

Regina Jaquess, *USOC Rep 

Joel Johanningmeier, Member of NSSA 

Alex Lauretano, Athlete Rep AAC 

Gerald Luiting, Member of NSSA

Tina McCauley, Member of ABC 

Kevin Michael, *WSIA 

Matthew Oberholtz, Member of WSDA 

David Rezin, Athlete Rep AAC 

Doug Ribley, Member of NSSA

Cheryl Ruston, Member of NWSRA 

Kenny Stuart, Jr , Member of AKA

Jeff Surdej, Member of NCWSA

Cathy Williams, Member of USA-WB