USA Volleyball

Video Tryout Submission Process

Video Tryouts

With High Performance tryouts being canceled across the country, USA Volleyball is encouraging prospective High Performance athletes to try out virtually. Any player who would like to be considered for the High Performance Pipeline is encouraged to submit a video of themselves playing either a match or practice competition that follows the guidelines below.

Video Submission Details


Video submissions were due May 1, 2020.

Who Can Submit?

As only girls HP tryouts were canceled, USAV is only accepting video submissions from girls. All boys tryouts were completed prior to the spread of COVID-19.


20-30 minutes (equivalent to one set of volleyball)



Footage to Include

  • May be from matches or a 6v6 practice session.
    • Acceptable edits

      • Between serves
      • Timeouts
      • Floor wiping
      • Once an athlete subs out
      • Between matches/sets (if multiple matches/sets are used)
    • Unacceptable edits

      • Highlights only
      • Zoomed in on athlete only
  • Video should include the athlete playing the position in which they would like to be evaluated

Best Video Format Tips

  • End line view
  • Entire court visible
  • Athlete on near side of court
  • Athlete jersey number clearly visible

Benefits of Video Submission

  • Receive written evaluation form from HP evaluators
  • Consideration for HP teams and programs
  • Your film will be stored in HP's video database

Skills to be Evaluated by Position

  • Opposites

    • Arm Swing/Attacking
    • Blocking
    • Positional/VB IQ
    • Dynamic/Potential
    • Defense
    • Serving
  • Setters

    • Setting
    • Footwork
    • Blocking
    • Defense
    • Dynamic/Potential/VB IQ
    • Serving
  • Middles

    • Blocking
    • Arm Swing/Attacking
    • Serving
    • Defense
    • Dynamic/Potential/VB IQ
  • Liberos

    • Serve Receive/Passing
    • Defense
    • OOS Setting
    • Coverage
    • Dynamic/Potential/VB IQ
  • Outside Hitters

    • Arm Swing/Attacking
    • Serve Receive/Passing
    • Defense
    • Blocking
    • Dynamic/Potential/VB IQ
    • Serving

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual video files may be combined using various video editing software including iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro and others. 

Yes, you may submit video from any time in the last 12 months.

Yes, live 6v6 competition from practice is acceptable. Drill work is not desirable.
No, at this time please choose one position for our team of evaluators to focus on.
A select collection of High Performance staff, National Team staff and High Performance coaches will evaluate each video tryout athlete. 

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