USA Volleyball

Indoor High Performance Selection Process

Every athlete's first step to getting involved with USA Volleyball High Performance is to attend one of USA Volleyball High Performance Tryouts at a convenient location. USAV HP offers more than 30 locations all across the country.


After you attend a tryout, the evaluation from your tryout will be compared with thousands of other volleyball players nationwide that have tried out in within your age group and position. Depending on your evaluation, you may be offered a spot in a USA Volleyball High Performance National Training Program hosted at locations across the country. You would then have the opportunity to register for a program in the USAV High Performance Athlete Pipeline. Additional information about logistics, travel, etc. will be provided to athletes once they are selected.


There are 3 results possible from a tryout when program invitations are released: invitation, waitlist and no invitation. An email notification will be sent after all tryouts have been completed to release this status information.  The release dates for each age group's invitations will be posted on our Boys' and Girls' Tryout Results pages as well as the home page of your tryout registration account. If you do not receive an invitation (program offer, no program offer, or waitlist offer) 24 hours after the published posting date, please email

*Note: Athletes may only attend one program each summer. Declining a waitlist or invitation has no impact on status for future program placement.

Receiving an invitation means that the athlete has a confirmed spot in a program if they choose to accept within the 72-hour window. Opportunities in programs are offered 1:1, meaning that the invite is yours and only yours until the 72-hour window has passed. Then the invite is given to the next waitlisted athlete. If a program level is offered at two different locations, you may only accept for one location.

Waitlist, also known as alternate invitations, will be sent out to athletes at the same time as invitations. A waitlist position is the opportunity to participate in a program only if an invited athlete declines or vacates their offered position Programs with multiple locations offer the opportunity to be waitlisted for both locations, you may only accept one location if invited. Some athletes may receive an invitation to a lower program and an alternate position to a higher program. We encourage registration for the lower program while accepting the waitlist of the higher program. If the higher program becomes available, you will be notified and transferred up. Programs may take 4 weeks or more to fil, please be patient as staff work to notify waitlist athletes of invitations in a timely manner.

However, as an alternate, we recommended not booking travel for the first two-three weeks from posting in case of an alternate invite to a higher program. HP Staff will contact waitlisted athletes based on rank and position with an email invitation if a spot becomes available in a program and initiate program invitation. Please do not email regarding the timing or position of an athlete's waitlist status as we do not release this information.

While USAV HP strives to provide many opportunities to participate, unfortunately not every athlete will be afforded an opportunity in a particular year. High Performance Programs are the most competitive volleyball in the United States. Athletes who do not make a program should not be discouraged, with hard work and determination, improvement can be made over time. Every year is a new tryout year and we anticipate athletes’ skill level to change throughout development.  Prior year results are wiped clear and every tryout season all athletes must earn an invitation regardless of prior involvement.


All athletes who attended a tryout will be sent a courtesy email notification reminder of designated Age Group posting dates. All athletes will get their evaluation and program selection if eligible. 


Results of Region High Performance tryouts are NOT posted on the USA Volleyball website. If you tried out for a High Performance Program in your Region, you will need to contact your region for those results. If you are invited to both a Region HP and a USAV HP Program, please keep in mind that Region HP Programs are equated with the national Continental Team Program.

USAV HP will not consider athletes from Regions with a Region HP Team for the Continental Team Program.