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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which position should I play?
We understand that many volleyball players play more than one position. We recommend that you try out for the position in which you are most successful. You must choose one position per tryout, as our evaluators are looking at skills specific to each position while evaluating. If you wish to be evaluated in more than one position, you must tryout more than once.

Can I tryout in multiple positions at a tryout?
Athletes may not try out in more than one position at a given tryout. If you try out in one position and decide that you would like to also try out in another position, you will need to register, pay the registration fee, and attend another tryout in that position. Please know that in almost ALL cases when players try out in two positions at two tryouts, the evaluation at each tryout places the athlete in the same program. Players who try out for more than one position will receive an invitation for the position for which he or she is ranked the highest. Athletes will be invited to programs by position and may not switch to another position for the program.

Can I attend more than one tryout?
You are more than welcome to attend as many tryouts as you like. Athletes who attend more than one tryout in a given year will receive an invitation for a program based on the tryout at which you were evaluated the highest.

Should I attend more than one tryout?
1. If you leave the tryout and think, "That was the worst volleyball I've ever played and is not representative of me as a player."
2. If you are sick or injured and feel that you could perform better another time.
3. If you think you have the opportunity to have a stronger tryout playing a different position.

What is High Performance looking for in athletes?
The High Performance Pipeline is an integral part of the USA National Team system. The primary mission of USAV HP is to identify, train, and provide domestic and international competitive experiences for potential future USA Volleyball Olympians. The experience gained from competing with and against the best volleyball athletes in our country and abroad is invaluable. USAV HP is also very proud to incorporate the finest coaches in the country to teach and coach our HP Pipeline Athletes.

In order to do this, USAV HP works to build a broad Athlete Pipeline, attracting and evaluating top volleyball athletes from across the country in each age group and placing each into programs appropriate for their maximum growth as a volleyball player for international level play.

Having a consistent, solid base in ALL fundamental volleyball skills is the cornerstone of success in the international arena and is a primary attribute that USA Volleyball High Performance is seeking in its athletes. This includes having a comprehensive understanding of how to play the game, or "volleyball IQ." When evaluating athletes at tryouts, evaluations are focused on each athlete's skill set and potential in relation to all players of that particular position and FIVB age group across the country.

In those evaluations, USA Volleyball is considering athletes for their potential in current and future international competition. The international game is bigger, faster, and more complex than the highest levels of club and collegiate volleyball in the US. HP Coaches are familiar with the type of player who will succeed and thrive in that environment, representing the United States on an international stage. In addition, volleyball played internationally and at the High Performance Championships is played using international FIVB rules and there are significant differences from high school, club or college rules. The most importance difference is the number of substitutions. High school, college, and club volleyball rules permit a much higher number of substitutions, allowing players to be “subbed-out” in the back or front row at will. FIVB rules permit only six substitutions with “one replacement.” This means if a player starts the set and is subbed out, he or she may come back in, but would then be in the set permanently. Likewise, if a player does not start the set and is subbed in, once that player is subbed out he or she is out for the remainder of the set. For this reason, USAV HP is looking for athletes who can play “6 rotations,” meaning setters who can play front and back row, hitters who are accomplished serve receive passers, middle blockers who are excellent servers, and so on.

Athletes in the libero position are the only players who are really more specialized, only ever playing in the back row. However, even liberos must be excellent at skills such as setting. USAV HP is looking for what USA Women's Head Coach Karch Kiraly calls, "generalized specialists" - players who are excellent at all skills but who are experts in one or two main position-based skills. The development of all skills and of a higher volleyball IQ is accelerated by competing at the highest levels possible, which illustrates why USAV HP Programs provide such an incredible opportunity to improve at a high rate.

How should I prepare for a High Performance tryout?
Expect to play a lot of volleyball with other great players from across the country! You may want to look over the USAV High Performance Tryout Plan. The drills and games conducted at the tryout are pretty typical and give the evaluators lots of opportunities to see you play. Come ready with a great attitude and terrific work ethic and just do YOUR best. Don't compare yourself with others around you during the tryout - you will be evaluated individually in your age group against athletes across the country, not just the people next to whom you're playing at the tryout. The best thing to do is listen to the coaches giving instruction, hustle during drills,, compete hard, and be a great teammate. Represent for USA!

How do I get involved if I am a United States Citizen Living Abroad?
USA Volleyball High Performance understands the struggles that U.S. Citizens living abroad may face when it comes to access to tryouts and programs. Often, families live overseas for work or because of military commitments and athletes miss out on the ability to gain access to the USA Volleyball High Performance Athlete Pipeline.

Athletes with U.S. Passports living permanently or temporarily in a country other than the United States may try out for USA Volleyball High Performance National Team Programs, provided they have not played for or registered for another international Federation at any time. As long as those requirements are met, an athlete has two options to try out for USA Volleyball High Performance Programs:

1. Travel to the United States at some point during the tryout season and attend a tryout at one of the locations across the country.
OR 2. Send an e-mail to including your First and Last Name, Gender and Date of Birth to express your interest in participating in USA Volleyball High Performance.

Players must register for and submit the tryout video NO LATER THAN two weeks prior to the final tryout date for the season for that gender.

What training programs are offered for my age group this summer after trying out?

Information about summer program dates and locations can be found in the 2019 Boys Tryout Parent Handout and 2019 Girls Tryout Parent Handout.

For any other questions regarding posting, registration, & payment, please email us at

High Performance National Training Program Registration FAQs

The window for my invitation has passed, how can I get my athlete registered?
If you have been accepted for a waitlist program, you have a limited amount of time to accept that invitation by completing registration and payment. After the invitation window expires, your spot will be offered to another athlete. Once that window has passed, you may email the age group representative for that program to see if a spot may come available, however there are no guarantees.

Do I have to pay the full amount of the program at the time of registration?
In order to complete your registration, you must pay for the program in full at the time of registration. We do have payment plans available as needed. If you would like to request a payment plan, please send an email to with “Payment Plan Request <Program Name>” in the subject line.

What forms are needed to participate in a training program?
Forms can be found at these links: Required forms are the  2019-2020 Player Medical Release FormEthics Behavior Agreement, and Social and Digital Media Guidelines. These forms are not needed to complete registration. The Non Guardian Departure Form (for when an athlete leaves a program on the last day with an individual other than their designated guardian) and Temporary Release Permission Form (only for programs longer than five days in length; for when an athlete would like to temporarily leave a program with a designated guardian for various reasons) are only required for the outlined circumstances. Bring completed forms with you to all training program.

REGION HP: Athletes who have registered for a USAV HP Training Program at the A2 Level or below who subsequently are invited to a Region HP tryout or training camp that conflicts with the USAV HP event will be given consideration for a full refund. All cancellation requests on behalf of Region HP athletes must be submitted to as soon as possible or within 24 hours following the official Region announcement of selection to a team. 

For any other questions regarding posting, registration, & payment, please email us at