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Beach High Performance Coaches

Want to be a National High Performance Coach?

The USA Volleyball High Performance Coaches Pipeline is comprised of highly motivated coaches who are committed to helping USAV identify and develop future U.S. Olympians. Coaches are trained in the U.S. National Teams' skill and system model, coach High Performance training and competition programs, and enjoy a nationwide network of some of the top volleyball coaches in the U.S.

HP coaches come from all different backgrounds: NCAA Division I, II and III, current and former national team players and coaches, international coaches, junior club coaches, high school coaches, junior high coaches - you name it. All that is required is a desire to learn, a love to teach, an open mind, a great attitude and a passion for USA Volleyball and helping our national teams win gold medals.

Interested? Follow the steps below to get involved.

Become a High Performance Coach

All High Performance coaches must be USA Volleyball members and have passed a USA Volleyball Background Screening. HP coaches are all at least IMPACT Certified (many have CAP certifications, as well), and have completed SafeSport certification through the United States Olympic Committee.

All coaches who will work with High Performance, new and returning, must create an account in order to participate in any tryout, program or team. Creating an account will also place you on our HP coaches’ contact list so that you will receive important information regarding tryouts and invitations for programs. Please also upload a professional photo of yourself, shoulders-up, under the Attachments tab.

Step by Step Instructions for Coaches (Creating an Account)

Create Account

It is required that all HP coaches are current, registered members of USA Volleyball, pass a background screen through USAV, and are USAV IMPACT certified. For all summer and holiday programs, you must complete SafeSport certification and may also be required to hold a minimum level of CAP Certification, as well.  Please click here to see the overall criteria necessary to work as a USAV HP coach.

Review the USAV HP tryout schedule and determine which tryouts you are able to attend. Then log in to your account and register for the tryouts you will attend. Registering for a tryout indicates that you will be attending that tryout. You will receive notification in the weeks and days before each tryout with additional information and your assignment for the tryout.  

Step by Step Instructions for Coaches (Sign-Up for Tryouts)


*If your availability has changed and you are no longer able to attend a tryout that you have registered for, please update your availability as soon as possible by logging into your account and locating "MY OPTIONS" in the left menu, then "My Tryout Signups" to edit your availability.

We ask that all USAV HP coaches attend at least one tryout per year, although many attend multiple tryouts (and some attend as many as five or six). Working a minimum of one tryout is required for an invitation for a coaching position in a program that summer.

Tryouts are typically before or after a national qualifier or other large tournament, so HP coaches simply adjust their travel schedule to arrive a little early or stay a little longer so they can attend a tryout. Coaches receive detailed instructions and training materials in advance of a tryout in order to be familiar with tryout procedures.

Review the USAV HP schedule and determine which programs you are able to work this coming summer. All coaches interested in working programs must submit their availability in order to be eligible to be invited to work a program. The more programs for which you are available (and the more tryouts with which you assisted this year), the more likely you are to be invited to a program. If you only select one program, the chances of being selected are very slim, so please be open and honest about your summer availability as opposed to selecting only a program or two that you prefer to work. Should your availability change, you may always go back in and update it.

The USAV HP office will invite coaches to programs based on a number of factors. Summer coaching jobs are compensated positions, and coaches are eligible to be invited to progressively higher level positions each year they participate in the HP Coaches Pipeline.

*Instructions Coming Soon*

HP Coaching Invitation Timeline

January – National Team coaches and HP Championship and program head coaches named
January – May – Initial girls program associate head and assistant coaches invited (returning, active HP coaches)
April  – All boys program coaches invited
May  – Additional assistant and apprentice coaches invited (new and returning HP coaches)

USAV HP understands that coaches plan summer camp coaching positions as early in the year as possible. If you have not received an invitation by June 1, you may assume that you will not receive an invitation this year, but know that we will keep you in mind for next year.

Please know that we receive more interest and applications annually than positions available. USAV HP is committed to providing the athletes the best coaching experience possible while working to allow new coaches the opportunity to get involved. New HP coaches are typically considered only for training program positions in the first year.

Many regions of USA Volleyball sponsor Region High Performance programs, including development camps and Region High Performance teams that attend USA Volleyball’s High Performance Championships each summer. Working with your local region is a great way to get involved, gain HP experience and provide many of the top players in your region with the highest level coaching available. Please click here to see if your region sponsors an HP program and for contact information for that program.

USAV High Performance supports continuing coaching education for coaches of all levels and years of experience. Invitation preference for HP programs is given to coaches who have achieved and maintain CAP certification and those who continue to progress through each level of CAP.

Many of our USAV HP coaches are also CAP cadre, helping to teach CAP courses across the country. HP coaches also receive CAP re-certification credits for working High Performance tryouts and programs. Get more information about CAP certification and credits for HP involvement.