Great Lakes Lights Out and Western Empire take 2014 PVL Titles

May 29, 2014, 4:56 p.m. (ET)

PHOENIX – A successful Premier Volleyball League event in Phoenix saw Great Lakes Lights Out take a men’s title and Western Empire take home the crown on the women’s side.


Men    Women
1st Great Lakes Lights Out   1st Western Empire
2nd Chesapeake Rising Tide
2nd Florida Wave
3rd Keystone Penn Blast   3rd Iowa Ice

In the first year of the men’s PVL Championship’s inclusion in the USAV Open National Championship, Great Lakes Lights Out improved upon last year’s runner-up showing to take home the title.

Going 6-1 on the week, Lights Out held off last year’s winners, Keystone Penn Blast, in bracket play to face what would be the runner-up, Chesapeake Rising Tide, in the first-place match.

Of the top three finishers this year, Lights Out was the only team represented on the winner’s platform one year ago. Defending champion Florida Wave finished fifth this time around.

“The PVL divisions at the Opens continues to improve from year to year,” PVL director Tom Pingel said. “The addition of the Men’s Division added additional energy to the event and the competitive levels of both the Women’s and the Men’s tournaments continues to increase each year. The future looks very bright.”

On the women’s side, the sweet taste of victory came in an underdog story from the Western Empire camp. Turning around a last place finish in 2013, Western Empire made quick work of the field this year, sweeping the competition with an 8-0 record.

Familiar names joined them in the top three, second-place was Florida Wave and third belongs to last season’s champion Iowa Ice.

Going 0-7 last year, to 8-0 this time around, Western Empire only dropped six sets total all week. The squad went five sets in back-to-back matches leading up to the championship showdown - the longest being the faceoff against Carolina Flight that saw the team come from behind to stay on top.

Men’s All-Tournament Team
Vinny Devany (Rising Tide), Ryan Stafford (Lights Out), Gonzalo Quiroga (Rising Tide), Howard Petty (Lights Out), Ian Satterfield (Rising Tide), Conor Eaton (Lights Out /Tournament MVP).

Women’s All-Tournament Team
Sarah Palmer (Florida Wave), Bryn Kehoe (Western Empire), Sarah Ammerman (Florida Wave), Monique Mead (Western Empire), Evangella Sanders (Florida Wave), Stacey Gordon (Western Empire/Tournament MVP).

Men's PVL
1st Great Lakes Lights Out

L to R, Front to back: Matt Martin, Conor Eaton, Thomas Goldsmith, Krystian Krzyak, Ryan Stafford, Harshil Thaker, Ryan Owens; James Elsea, Aaron Smith, Jamion Hartley, Nils Dauburs, Joe Klein, Kyle Masterson, Russel Lavaja, Howard Petty, Matt Gallik, David Deuser.
   2nd Chesapeake Rising Tide

L to R, Front to back: Ian Satterfield, Gonzalo Quiroga, David Lucas, Bryant Lee, Vinny Devany; Tyson Norton, AJ Witkofsky, Spencer Rowe, Aaron Taylor, Matt Elgin, Miles Evans, Daniel Davidson.
3rd Keystone Penn Blast

L to R, Front to back: Logan Patterson, Peter Russell, Luke Murray, Nick Castello, Ryan Walthall, Jordan Varee, Joshua Walker; Pete Madia, Jay Hosack, Dan Mickle, Adam Roche, Ben Wolff, Maulia Labaree, Valerie Podczasy, Michelle Carlton.

L to R, Front to back: Vinny Devany, Conor Eaton, Gonzalo Quiroga; Howard Petty, Ian Satterfield, Ryan Stafford.

Women's PVL
1st Western Empire

L to R, Front to back: Monique Mead, Sabel Moffett, Hadiyah Olowolafe, Alyssa D'Errico, Lauren Van Orden, Erin Waller, Carly Cramer; Matt Glover, Lindsey Schlegel, Tara Mueller, Genevieve Mann, Therese McNatt, Rachael Kidder, John Hughes, Gwendolyn Rucker, Cynthia Barboza, Stacey Gordon, Bryn Kehoe, Cindy D'Errico.
   2nd Florida Wave

L to R, Front to back: Tanya Jarvis, Courtney Karst, Evangella Sanders, Sarah Palmer, Bianca Rowland, Alison Landwehr, Mekana Barnes; Orlando Catalan, Travers Green, Sarah Ammerman, Benavia Jenkins, Sareea Freeman, Amber Roberson, Christina Alessi, Ben Keyes, Nick Cheronis, David Jester.
3rd Iowa Ice

L to R, Front to back: Korie Lebeda, Devon Jensen, Caitlin Mahoney, Breann Payton, Carla Mulcahy, Jamie Straube, Megan Schipper; Tenisha Matlock, Laurel Abrahamson, Brittney Brimmage, Justine Young, Kelsey Petersen, Alicia Williams, Trudy Vandeberg, Tina Carter.

L to R, Front to back: Monique Mead, Stacey Gordon, Bryn Rehoe; Sarah Ammerman, Sarah Palmer, Evangella Sanders.