2020 Girls Junior National Qualifiers

Sunshine Volleyball Classic

Sunshine Classic
Sunshine Volleyball Classic
Orlando, Fla.
March 6-8 (all ages offered)
Contact: Sunshine Qualifier Staff, USA Volleyball

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Colorado Crossroads


Molten Colorado Crossroads Event Logo

Colorado Crossroads

Denver, Colo.
March 7-9 (11-15s)
March 13-15 (16-18s)


June 12-14 (16s-18s; 18s is no-bid division)



Mideast qualifier
Mideast Qualifier
March 13-15, St. Louis, Mo. (11-14s, 15 American, 15 USA)
March 20-22, Indianapolis, Ind. (15 Open, 16-18s)


May 23-25, St. Louis (11-14s, 15 American & Select)

May 30-June 1, Indianapolis (15 Open, 15 Select, 16-18s)

Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Qualifier Logo
Pacific Northwest Qualifier
Spokane, Wash.
March 21-23 (15s, 16 Open, 17-18s)
March 27-29 (11-14s, 16 USA, 16 American)

Both weeks have been canceled

Southern California

Southern California Qualifier
Southern California Qualifier
Las Vegas, Nev.
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
March 28-30 (16-18s)
April 3-5 (11-15s)
Contact: Ann Davenport


May 30-June 1 (16-18s)
June 5-7 (11-15s)

Show Me

Show Me Qualifier
Show Me Qualifier
Kansas City, Mo.
March 28-30 (11-14s, 15 American)
April 3-5 (15 Open and USA, 16-17s, 18 NB)
Contact: USA Volleyball


May 16-18 (11-14s, 15 American)
May 22-24 (15 Open & USA, 16-17s)




Northeast Qualifier
Northeast Qualifier
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 4-6 (11-14s and 15 USA and American)
April 10-12 (15 Open, 16-17s)

Both weekends have been Rescheduled
June 6-8: 11 National; 12 National/American; 13 Open/USA/American; 14 Open/USA/American/Club; 15 American/Club; 16 Club; 17 Club
June 12-14: 15 Open/USA; 16 Open/USA/American; 17 Open/USA/American

Lone Star Classic


Lone Star Classic
Lone Star Classic
Dallas, Texas
April 4-6 (13s)
April 10-12 (11-14s, 15 American, 12 American at Gaylord)
April 17-19 (15-17s)

The Lone Star Classic has been rescheduled for the following weekends:
May 30-June 1 - Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas

June 5-7 - Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas
15 American, Club, Select and USA

June 6-8 - Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas
15 Opens, 16s, 17s

Big South

2019 Big South Qualifier
Big South Qualifier
Atlanta, Ga.
April 10-12 (all ages offered)
Contact: Qualifier staff



Windy City

Windy City
Windy City Qualifier
Chicago, Ill.
April 10-12 (all ages offered)
Contact: Qualifier staff

This event has been canceled

Far Western

2019 Far Western Qualifier
Far West Qualifier
Reno, Nev.
April 18-20 (11-14s, 15 American)
April 24-26 (15 Open and USA, 16-17s, 18 NB)

BOTH weekends have been POSTPONED


Northern Lights

Northern Lights Qualifier
Mizuno Northern Lights Qualifier
Minneapolis, Minn.
Jan. 31-Feb. 2 (17s)
April 17-19 (11-14s)
April 24-26 (15-16s)
Contact: Northern Lights staff

RESCHEDULED -  May 15-17